Bose USB Soundlink - no sound output

opensuse v11.1
linux x86_64

We recently purchased a Bose Music System/Soundlink. It has a wireless unit that plugs into the music system, and a USB “key” that attaches to the computer. The music system connects to the USB key as it is supposed to do.

Linux sees the USB key as an audio unit. In fact, it offers Bose Link (audio), Bose (Front) and a Bose (digital audio) options. In KDE :: Configure Desktop :: Sound it lists the 3 Bose USB audio options.

So far, no sound has been emitted through the Bose USB audio even though it has been given preference to everything sound. It has not mattered which of the Bose options is given the highest preference. Linux still steadfastly outputs to the builtin hardware (Realtek audio) foregoing all other options.

How do I convince Linux to output to the Bose USB audio?

Unfortunately no one who has a USB sound device has updated the USB headphone wiki (which also applies to USB speakers). Take a look at this to see if the advice therein helps: USB headphones - openSUSE

Yes that did it.