bootup issues with my network

Hi there,

I have troubles to figure out how my boot process - boot order best should look like. What I have:

  • A VirtualBox needing ‘Host interface’ networking (vbox0)
  • A network bridge ‘br0’ to connect vbox0 to eth0
  • eth0’s IP address configured to
  • two samba shares that should be mounted on bootup

Now what I have at the moment:

  • br0 and eth0 are being configured from ‘/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-br0’ and ‘/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0’
  • stuff for vbox0 is being setup in /etc/init.d/networking at the bopttom of the ‘start)’ case.
  • the samba shares are in /etc/fstab but do not get mounted (because the network isn’t setup properly I assume - since it used to work before i started ‘playing’ with VirtualBox’ network settings.

Does anyone know how I can get it all done properly on boot? Shoud I boot eth0 as ‘normal’ dhcp client and get the samba shares mounted ‘the old’ way and once the machine is booted up setup br0 and recionfigure eth0 to ? Is there another way?
Does anyone have any hints or suggestions?

Thank you!

It seems as if this version was working fine it just seems to take ‘forver’ to bootup because the whole boot process is waitting when br0 (startted out of boot.local) is acquiring its ip. Can I let it do this in the background somehow?:confused: