Bootup graphics problem


I have configured my VIA C3 system to bootup SUSE Linux 11.1 at runlevel 3 - text only mode. After installation, when I restart I see a graphics failed note on screen. I see text on screen at startup and everything looks fine. but eventually screen becomes garbled.

Could it be that the os is attempting to go into graphic/gui mode? How can I start to troubleshoot this issue?

I have successfully installed SUSE 9.3 on this system (in text mode) and did not experience this problem.

I am setting up a software based telephone system (Asterisk) so don’t need a GUI.

Try booting with “splash=verbose”. This disables the graphics during bootsplash.

during boot up at the first screen (probably green) press the down
arrow and type 3 then press enter

in a bit it will offer you a log in prompt…log in as the user you
set up…

does “eventually screen becomes garbled” still occur?

if so, i guess you probably installed both X and some desktop which
you really didn’t need…

when you installed, at this point in the install process:

which did you choose?


I thought I chose Other - Minimal Server Selection (text mode)

But I did go into detailed selection and maybe I selected some graphical componet. I will restart setup and re-check.


Thanks for the suggestion. I am a bit of a linux beginner - how do I set the splash=verbose option?

You have two options. The temporary way is, at the boot menu, hit escape to drop to text mode. Move the ‘cursor’ over the option for the normal opensuse boot, then press ‘e’ for edit. There will be a kernel line. Find that line, and press ‘e’ again. It will look something like this;

kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-8-desktop root=/dev/sdc2 resume=/dev/disk/by-id/usb-Hitachi_HTS543232L9A300_081031FB0443-0:0-part7 splash=silent quiet showopts

Change splash=silent to splash=verbose. Hit return, then press ‘b’ to boot.

Alternatively, you can make the same change permanently, from a root terminal, to your /boot/grub/menu.lst file. Being aware that you very much should have a backup of said file lying around, because if you break it, your system may become unbootable - albeit normally quite easily fixed too.

I wotked out that it was not a problem with linux going into graphic mode. The bootup was totally in text mode. But it does get to a point where the screen just becomes garbeld. I guess it is crashing? I wonder if I should report as a bug?

If I use my old SUSE 9.3 DVD it installs without problem.

Hardware is an EPIA VIA C3 based system. Maybe there are issues with support for VIA. Or some specific startup config is required?

Ignore the refs to Mint

Boot your cd and you arrive here:
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Pause the timer by moving your cursor down and type as shown here (the 0 is a zero)
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You should see scrolling text like this
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Then a login like this:
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Login is: root
hit enter a couple of times
Now type: sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

Now type: startx

I think you may have misread the thread caf; he’s trying to set up a GUIless server.

[Unless you’re just trying to see how it gets along with a liveCD, which might well make sense… Nevermind…] :slight_smile:

[Welcome back, anyway!]

Serves me right for skip reading. Thanks for the welcome.

I take it this is a DVD then.
Should be straight forward in text mode.
Has a media check been done?

It is a purchased DVD - not downloaded. It could be a dud DVD - but unlikely surely?

It is odd though that the 9.3 install is ok.

What would cause the screen to go garbled. some sort of corriupted driver? But I have re-installed so many times (and reformatting each time).

It is a shame if Suse linux gets harder to install with new versions…

My system:
EPIA-EK BIOS revision: 1.01

Main cpu: VIA C3 800A MHz(133x6.0)


What are you PC specs. More detail please.

Specs in my previous post :slight_smile: