Bootsplash vanishes after some time

I am new to Linux and just upgraded to openSuSE 12.2 from 12.1. The boot-splash used to tear up just before the list of users appeared. I installed ATI fglrx using 1-click install. However, something went wrong and Gnome started in fallback mode. I uninstalled the driver from YAST. However, now the bootsplash vanishes after showing for some time. All else works as usual. How can I fix this?

I am running openSuse 12.2 on a Compag 621 Laptop with an ATI Radeon 530v graphics card. the computer is configured to dual boot SUse and Windows 7.
I also found this in dmesg if it might be of any use:
“fb: conflicting fb hw usage radeondrmfb vs VESA VGA - removing generic driver”

Thanks, in advance.

Have a look here as to the boot up resolution settings and Plymouth.

GNU Grub2 Command Help/Config Editor - Version: 1.91 Edit Blog Entry:

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:slight_smile: Thanks for replying.

I am using grub and had no problems with it until after I installed and then uninstalled ATI-fglrx driver.

The boot animation starts with the right resolution and all, but after about 5 seconds or so, the screen turns black and I am presented with the login list of users, with perfect graphics and all.
I read somewhere that this might be due to the boot animation being disrupted to show some error message ( but in my case the screen is completely black, no text, no blinking cursor).
Can this be due to the ATI driver making changes to configuration files?

Thanks, again.

The short answer is yes, changes have been made. This also occurs with nVIDIA and often you can’t determine what to change to get back to how it was originally. Sometimes removing the xorg.conf file can help, since strictly speaking it is not required and any changes made there might effect the system startup. On the other hand if the system works normally after login, you don’t spend much time in startup and you can always reload openSUSE and try again when the next version comes out. Consider what is most important and the start screen is low on the list.

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Thank you, jdmcdaniel3. I shall take your advice and forget about the boot-splash until 12.3 is here.:slight_smile: