Bootsplash not working in Opensuse 11.0 RC1

Hello Everybody

I recently installed Opensuse 11.0 RC1 .
I installed it through KDE version of Live CD.
Bootsplash didn’t work even in Live CD.

There is no interesting information regarding this problem in startup log.

The console resolution is 800x600 8bit color.
Ran mkinitrd and generated a bootsplash image.

Still no go.

I am using Intel 945 based chipset containing Intel GMA 950 based integrated graphics controller, that uses “Vesa” for framebuffer and “Intel” for Xorg.

Only regrettable thing is Bootsplash worked out-of-the box in Ubuntu 8.04, i wasn’t needed to know what was my framebuffer resolution or what driver framebuffer and Xorg uses and hadn’t needed to run mkinitrd to ensure bootsplash related files are present in the kernel image.

Could you please confirm it in the bug 386843?I have similar experience since Beta2.

I have given my inputs to that bug.

Hello Everybody

I found the root cause of the Bootsplash problem.
I have configured in the BIOS to only allocate 1MB for my Integrated Graphics controller.
That is, I have allocated Highest memory to DVMT (Intel’s Dynamic Video Memory Technology) in BIOS, but only allocated 1MB as fixed allocation.

So, Vista driver’s and Xorg’s intel driver where able take advantage of DVMT and has allocated required memory, but the poor vesa framebuffer driver wasn’t able to dynamically allocate memory and relyied on pre-allocated 1MB video memory, so, higher resolution in framebuffer mode was not possible, so Bootsplash didn’t work.

Now i have increased the memory allocation to 8MB, and reinstalled Opensuse 11.0 RC1,
Now everything is working perfectly :slight_smile:

I am really really sorry for blaming such a quality distribution inspite of RC1, for my misconfiguration.