boots to linux login (cmd line) not desktop - help!

I went to use my lenovo ideapad running 10 and it went to the linux login rather than the desktop. Why has it done this and how do i get the desktop back?

First question: Are you running SLED / SLES? There are links to their forums on the front page.

Second question: Did you search for “Boots to black screen” / “Get desktop back”? There were, at last count, 492 billion threads on this subject. :wink:

First time Linux user. Can’t find my GUI ? - openSUSE Forums

Those look like a good start. Post back if you get stuck.

Mostly it is a video situation as (I think) Confuseling was suggesting. I like this old link for that:
SuSELinuxSupport: HowToGetTheGuiBack
That often gets you back to where you can redo the video in Yast.

But sometimes it’s a filesystem thing, and if it is, there’s usually a message when you get the login prompt. So – was there any message to give you a hint just when the login appeared?

Got it that was great - really appreciate the support. The sax2 cmd worked a treat.

I’m really into sax2 :wink: