Bootpd+xinetd setup - server is not responding to requests

I have installed bootpd-dd2 and enabled and configured it with xinetd.

  1. Made sure that their is a bootptab file and it is configured.
  2. Tested the bootpd is working by runing the command /usr/sbin/bootptest cmdbfs .
  3. tail -f the /var/log/messages and saw the requests from the test.
  4. rebooted a machine that is configured to pxe boot.

there is no messages by bootpd when a request is made. request is picked up by network monitor on a seperate computer on the proper udp port.

what am i missing?

Forget about bootpd, it’s ancient. Use dhcpd, it can do everything that bootpd does. (DHCP is a superset of BOOTP.) But you’ll have to learn a different syntax for setting up the client entry.

well i have an application that writes to the /etc/bootptab file. it uses a key and mac address to reboot the machine and reimage it only when requested. it deletes the entry before the machine reboots. I cant seem to find anyway dhcpd does this.

Look at the xinetd logs. If the packet was received, it would have spawned off a bootpd process.

xinetd does not register a packet being received. how do i get it to recognize the udp broadcast?

Good question. I didn’t find any answer out there.

But you might as well run bootpd standalone because you have to kick the process when bootptab changes, and if run under (x)inetd, bootpd hangs around for a few minutes and I think won’t reread the changed bootptab.

will try that. only means i have to write an initd script and put it in the runlevel when i finally get it to work.

looks like bootpd is not responding to the pxe calls. I am guessing i am going to have to rewrite my application that updates the bootptab file for dhcp server. is there a way to add hosts to DHCP server without reloading? or am i going to have to issue a DHCP reload command each time i add or subtract a host? can you add a host useing one line?

Again. I have been searching google for this stuff and it has failed me. any help would be appreciated.

You have to restart the ISC DHCP server if the config is changed, it doesn’t take reload commands.

found the heart of the issue. bonded network device does not receive dhcp or tftp traffic. my windows machine on the same network sees all the udp broadcasts whereas the SuSE machine only sees broadcasts directed to it. ie YPserv and DHCPv6 neighborhood requests. I am thinking that its a bond0 issue.

Opening up a separate thread with question.