Bootloader/MBR question (triple boot configuration)

I have a system with drive 0 containing Windows XP and SuSE 11.2. After loading Windows 7 on a newly-installed SSD (now drive 4), the bootloader originally installed with SuSE was replaced as expected by the Windows 7 bootloader offering both Windows 7 and Windows XP.

I now wish to install Leap 42.1 (or perhaps SuSE 13.2, but preferably 42.1) in the same partition containing 11.2. I don’t need to recover anything in the 11.2 partitions nor do I understand it’s necessary to recover the 11.2-installed grub and bootloader, but I could be wrong about that.

So that I don’t lose boot access to either Windows OS, what should I select when I reach the bootloader options?

[INDENT=2] . . .
[INDENT=2] Change Location:
[INDENT=3] Do not install bootcode into MBR [install]
[INDENT=3] Install bootcode into “/” partition [do not install]

Or, should I restore the 11.2 bootloader and then install Leap 42.1?

Although virtualization is an option, for a variety of reasons not important here, I do not wish to do this as a virtual machine.

(Please note that I have not found this in the forums or through Google, but may have missed something.)

There’s not really enough information.

How does it boot at present?

Your computer probably has a BIOS setting telling it which disk to boot.

My guess: The BIOS is treating disk 0 as the boot disk, and Windows 7 has put some boot code there (in the XP partition).

If that’s correct, then install in the MBR or install booting in “/” could both work. If the opensuse root partition is a logical drive (partition number 5 or more), then you could setup the Windows boot manager to have an entry to boot it. Some people use the EasyBCD software for this (runs in Windows). It can also be done with the BCDEDIT command that is already on your Windows 7 system. If you install booting in the MBR, then opensuse/grub will manage the booting and have an entry for booting Windows.

If the BIOS has some other disk as the boot disk (other than disk 0), then we need to know about that to give advice.