Bootloader installation fails

OpenSUSE installation fails at the very last moment. After 96% install, the bootloader installation fails on my netbook. But on my laptop it is fine and running.
The GRUB 2 neither install in root partition nor in MBR. I’m doing dual boot with windows and my “/” mount point file system is in Btrfs format and big enough to hold “/boot” and boot image. But every time i try to install opensuse 13.2 32bit here it just stucks on the bootloader installation page. Is there any solve? It’s really pathetic.

Confused, do you have a separate boot partition (300-500 meg min is recommended) and is that partition BTRFS??

I’d recommend either a separate boot ext4 or ext2 formatted or just use ext4 for root. Note also that it could be that you don’t have enough room on the first track to install grub. Can you boot to a live Linux and show us fdisk -l

I can’t really tell what the problem is, without more information.

I can guess. You probably have an older computer, where the first partition starts at sector 63. So there isn’t enough space following the MBR for all of the grub2 code. And grub2 is normally able to deal with that, but not if the other alternative is to put that code on a “btrfs” file system.

I suggest one more try. When the installer suggests partitioning, go to the edit screen for that, and change the root partition to use “ext4”. It will probably all work that way.

I have the same problem on an HP-N-265sa. I tried solution #2, this did not work for me. See earlier post, Grub fails to install during installation - Install/Boot/Login - openSUSE Forums

Care to share more info??hardware? graphics? processor?

Your earlier post indicated EFI. I did not reply to that earlier post, because there was too little information.

Now you have at least indicated that it is an HP. That’s a tiny bit of extra information. I suggest you add that to your other thread. Also, it will be helpful if you are able to boot live media (the live Rescue CD, or live KDE or Gnome, or even to boot the install DVD to the rescue system). So in your added post to your earlier thread, indicate whether you can do that.

Thanks, I probably won’t get back to this until the weekend and will move this to the other thread. I am able to boot the DVD after install but when I select “Rescue” it takes me to a console as oposed to the normal GUI, startx produced some error or other. I could probably fix this from the console just don’t know how to go about it.

Yes, this is normal for the rescue system (using the DVD).

And yes, we will want to guide you to use particular commands to get the information to understand your problem.