Bootloader and Ghostbsd

I have installed Ghostbsd on another hard drive but Grub2 doesn’t see it. Is there any way I can set it up so that I can use it to choose my OS so I don’t have to go into the bios every time I want to change it?

Is this a UEFI PC? If yes, are all OS installed in the same mode, either legacy/CSM, or UEFI? Needing BIOS to choose is normal when answer is no.

O.K. it’s not UEFI .

Boot to openSUSE go to Yast-bootloder be sure the check for foreign OS bocs is checked. Note you must amake a change to the screen if only change something then change back. accept changes and Yast will reinstall grub. Note BSD may us a file system that Linux does not have by default thus may not be able to find BSD

Press F7 or another hotkey during boot to change loading device.

Using UEFI + rEFInd is much easier.