Booting with Vista

I’m not being lazy or anything just looking for some extra counsel. Okay I don’t want to have to go through dozens of crashes & attempts to fix my HDD again so I want to get this completely straight the first time. So don’t be afraid to get down to my level, I might be repeating a question that has already been addressed but that’s because I couldn’t understand the fix explanation.

ummm… Fixing vista multiboot with openSUSE - openSUSE Forums
this console can be found where…?

Why not just include the GRUB fix in the disc …? Is the apparent simplicity of the problem deceiving ?

Okay I get the whole GRUB thing & the defrag & partitioning tell me if I’ve missed anything else.

I’m using windows Vista & I’m getting real tired of it…
P.S. I think my comp screen is still distorted I was beating it up when it refused to boot from the HDD or the discs…

The konsole is found in Linux.
The post you quoted by @swerdna was talking about repairing / adjusting the bootloader once you have installed SUSE.

It’s not so much a fix. More ‘lets get it right now’. I could install on a Vista machine forever and it will always work, simply because I understand HOW to install SUSE/Linux.

Just make sure you have a backup of important data and a way to re-install Vista if you mess up.
Simply put, I would look at partitioning your drive to create 3 partitions to be used by SUSE (/) (/home) (swap)
If you don’t want to use grub bootloader you could consider: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - NeoSmart Technologies

Ummm okay EasyBCD sounds like a good idea (didn’t actually know it could do this)excuse my schizophrenia but small walk through please.

  1. Defragment Windows & then make the partitions.
  2. Install GRUB with EasyBCD
  3. Install with disc then we’re in the clear

Do I just install GRUB to all the partitions that’ll be used by openSUSE (just the home I would think)?

just making sure I think this near Jesus incident with my box damaged my confidence when it comes to technology.

I have never used EasyBCD.
Grub will need to be on root partition

But Yes.
Defrag M$
Partition with something like Parted Magic to give (swap, /, /home)

At this point: (install summary) click on the ‘Booting’ section

You will get to here:
click the ‘Bootloader Install Tab’

Arrive here:
Just check the boot from root partition

should be configured to point to that partition (I guess) you will need to check the EasyBCD site instructions

This may help
Update from Suse 11.0 to 11.1 - Page 2 - openSUSE Forums

Thanks it’d probably work be easier if Microsoft would label these things…
Okay I know the one on the other HD is what it uses for that disk management thing & I see my HDD but wt* does this partition with the question marks mean, well I’m just gonna hope that’s the right one…

When installing Linux, make sure Grub is on the partition where Linux is, not the boot sector where the Vista bootloader is.
Then before anything else, you need to boot into Vista again and point EasyBCD at the Linux installation, and enter something descriptive for its menu.
Then reboot. After the BIOS screen, the EasyBCD menu appears. Choose between Vista and Linux. When Linux is chosen, Grub runs and Linux boots.
And finally, don’t forget to make Linux your default in EasyBCD :slight_smile:

Wait what…? I was sure I had it this time >.< …
Umm so let me try this again I make the partitions for SUSE “/” would be its root (correct?) & then I go into EasyBCD & install GRUB on the “/” partition & then install…?

/ = root yes.

Install suse completely ensuring only boot from root is selected in the bootloader settings of the installer - as I said earlier

At this point: (install summary) click on the ‘Booting’ section

You will get to here:
click the ‘Bootloader Install Tab’

Arrive here:
Just check the boot from root partition

When the install finishes you can boot back to Windows and config EasyBCD