Booting process hangs at the end

Hello )))
I turn on my pc then I choose (I got two OS-es) opensuse , system starts loading and at the last point it stucks showing loading sign. When I enter CRTL+ALT+F1 and make

ps aux |grep X

I see something like this

 root 1690 1.1 0.4 279624 33196 tty7 Ssl+ 16:04 0:00 /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -background none -noreset -verbose -auth /run/gdm/auth-for-gdm-5xMmRx/database -seat seat 0  0 yt7/CODE]
after killing this process  I am able to log in normally.What is the problem how to solve it ???
Thanks in advance

here is updated version

I don’t know what is the problem.

I do have a suggestion. Try changing from “gdm” to “lightdm”. You will first need to make sure that “lightdm” in installed.

I don’t really know if that will fix the problem. However, “gdm” seems a boot too finicky for my liking, so the change might help.

Yast → System → /etc/sysconfig editor → Desktop → Display Manager → DISPLAYMANAGER

You will see the changed login screen after the next boot.

Thanks for response but I do not want to change my desktop env . I believe that problem can be fixed )) )))

What I suggested does not change the desktop environment, unless you consider the login screen to be part of that environment. You can still make the same choices of desktop. The login screen will be different.

There are other available display managers (i.e. login screens). But most of them will not properly initialize the gnome keyring. I suggested “lightdm” because it does setup to gnome keyring correctly.

Please note the following “Most annoying bug”: <>

GNOME fails to start in a VirtualBox Virtual Machine. The cause is that LEAP 42.1 uses gdm 3.16.x, which no longer runs X as root. As a result, the VirtualBox video driver fails. The workaround is to install lightdm using YaST or zypper, then edit /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager by changing the DISPLAYMANAGER line from “gdm” to “lightdm”.

Yes, Yes, I know, the originator of this post isn’t running the openSUSE system in a VM but, the bottom line is the Display Manager issue.P.S.: In the the Leap 42.1 KDE Plasma 5 world, we tend to use “sddm” as the Display Manager in place of “kdm”, possibly for much the same reasons.

[HR][/HR]Please try to understand the layering of the Linux Graphical User Interface and, the differences between the “Session Manager”, the “Display Manager” and, the “Window Manager”.

Thank you very much for explanations I was thinking that this problem occurs only on my PC. As I get you right guys I need to install lightdm but it won’t change my desktop environment .(I will use gnome anyway???)
Thanks again

Yes, LightDM is currently the default Display Manager for several current major GNOME desktop environments: