Booting problem


i have a problem when i use test drive, it doesn’t boot into the operating system. it just look like in dos when i login.

like this
what is wrong? shouldn’t test drive let me see how its look when i use the live CD?

It does boot into the operating system. What you see is a perfectly normal linux console. It just didn’t start the X server (graphic mode). So you cannot login into a desktop environment. I don’t know if “test drive” is supposed to do that.

Type startx and see if the GUI starts up

no startx is installed it says. is that something i have to add when i build the os?
and i cant see the boot loading picture with the loading “stripe” or the login as it is shown in preview

Now it says like this

What ever you have it does not have a GUI with it.

Note sure what you have.

If you want a demo with a GUI you get get it here

Get either Live KDE or Live Gnome

Thanks. But shouldn’t suse have the GUI already at basic build? or can you only make the OS to be in console with suse?

You got a bad disk or at least one that does not include a GUI have no idea where you picked it up or what it is for. It appears to be some kind of demo of a server configuration and does not include a GUI. This is what is often called a minimum install.

You can run just about any Linux based GUI you can name. But If you want a disk with a GUI on it get it from where I pointed you to. You will need to decide KDE or Gnome. Or if you are going to do a real install I’d recommend the DVD in that it is more complete and includes both KDE and Gnome. You can chose to install one or the other or both or none or something else.

Thanks for helping. the thing is that i does not have a disk from somewhere, its the OS i have made here at openSUS, i testing it in the test drive and i cant access the windows mode (startx) even when i did test burn it and booted up with the disk. If you cant build a OS with startx and GUI on openSUSe, whats the meaning to build at all?

startx is just a script, which is one of several ways to start the GUI. You simply built a system without X. However it’s unclear what who mean with ‘building’. To my inderstanting, ‘building’ a system would mean that you did compile it yourself. But more likely you just installed a minimal Linux without X. May I ask what you are trying to do exactly? And question 2 : Do you have an Internet connection?

ok i will try to say what i mean (my english isn’t so **** good lol) I use openSUSE (online) to make an operating system, i add some software sources, do some configurations in the configuration tab and then i build an live cd/dvd (iso) testing it in test drive or burn it and reboot PC with the disk. how ever as you know i only boot up to the console and i want it to boot up in “windows” mode (startx). you say i need GUI, but how do i put GUI into the operating system before i build it?
what i mean “build” is that i click on “build” button and the openSUSE building the operating system and then let me download it yo my PC.

Question 1: im trying to make a Operating system with openSUSE online.
Question 2: Yes i have internet connection.

I have never used the build service so I don’t know all the options. But I suspect you should have an option to add a GUI. Which one is up to you. Most common are KDE and Gnome. Select one of those packages for the build. That should also drag in the Xwindows stuff and any other packages that are needed for the GUI.

You do realize you are doing this the hard way? Building an operating system is hard even if you have a slick tool to do it with. It assumes you have a certain level of knowledge to chose the correct things. The fact that you do not understand that Xwindows and a desktop environment is needed for a GUI interface shows that currently you do not have the needed knowledge. If you are doing this for the learning experience then by all means have at it. But don’t argue with those that do have the knowledge and try to explain what it is you are trying to do in more detail. You did succeed in building a basic system. But to get a desk top you need the things that create a desktop. I suggest you research the Linux Kernel, GNU, KDE, Gnome, and Xwindows. To understand the basics a little before trying to build a OS.

I assume you have good reasons to do that rather than just installing openSUSE from DVD or running the Live CD. Anyway it looks like you did successfully build the core system. Now you need more sources and more building if you want to compile the X server. But you’re doing it the very hard way. You don’t have to reinstall nor rebuild the OS itself to build X.

I didn’t say that you need GUI. One can leave without. It depends what you intend to do with that computer.

If you want to compile Linux yourself, you should better try Linux Gentoo, as it is the main purpose of this distribution.

I cant find anything in “software sources” who has the KDE or GNOME GUI. And i do understand i need that to start “startx” and enter “windows mode” but i just dont know how to find it and put it in the final ISO file and make it start like in these live CDs, something like “make the cookie with GUI inside”. And yes i do not have much knowledge about this, its the very first time im trying to make a OS. And if this is the hard way…whats the easy way?. this seams to be a easy way to make an OS…at least the console mode.
So…i need the GUI yes, how do i integrate it in the os? like you do with ms windows iso files? PEbuilder?
i used that sofware to integrate sata drivers ans sp3 into the iso file an burned it.
and i was testing that live cd i linked to, it was build with openSUSE and i entered in “windows mode” so thats mean that you can add GUI with opsenSUSE? or do i have to do that by my self some how?
I hope you understand my bad english

You have to download the openSUSE Live CD or DVD iso, burn it, install. You’ll have a GUI and everything. It will be MUCH easier.

Yes i did build the core system (working console?) Yes i probably need some more stuffs to make it work. what do you mean with compile? compile a GUI script? How do i build x, so i boot into windows? do i need a external software to do that? I just want to do a personal made OS who works something like ubuntu or other linux. And that is what you can do here at openSUSE? it was looking like that when i tested the live cd i downloaded from openSUSE.
Im so confused right now with that GUI stuff. i know i need it, but dont know how to put it on the live cd to make it work.

i did that, but i want it personal custom made with startup image and logo, name on it, auto language and decide what software i want to have and so on. just personal made for me. otherwise had i put my ubuntu cd and install that one. thats would be a easy way.
but its more fun to have a more personalized version right? rotfl!

The customization you want are not at the OS compilation level. You should first install Linux the normal way. Then you can customize any distro as you like.

So what is the meaning with this site then? witch you can build a custom made OS with logo and bootup image by your self if the only way to get in desktop environment and customize is to use their own opensSUSE live cd and install it?
then it is mean less to make a own here if you cant choose a GUI.
correct me if im wrong…but it seams to be mean less to me to use openSUSE OS builder if it its that way i cant use GUI when building it

I have solved my problem. its work just fine now.
the mistake i did was i choosed just enough OS (jeso) and not GNOME/KDE 4 desktop as base template.
now the question is…what is best to use? gnome or kde4? And do you have any recommended software to add?