Booting openSuse from external hd

Hey guys,
So I’ve been running openSuse on a virtual machine for awhile now but I’ve been wanting to boot it from my external drive. Here’s the dilemma, my CD/DVD drive is inoperable so I can’t install via a LiveCD. How can I partition my disk and boot without a LiveCD?

If the machine can boot from usb flash drive you can install from there. I do not know how to install from a hard drive, but here is usb flash information:
SDB:Live USB stick - openSUSE

I also have a bash script that you can use to create that USB thumb drive with you can find here: S.C.L.U. - SuSE Create Live USB - Version 1.10 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

When you wish to load AND boot openSUSE from an external hard drive, you need to know the following:

  1. If you intend on booting from an external hard drive, make sure you can and do select the USB drive as your first boot drive in your BIOS setup.
  2. During the install, openSUSE will assume the first boot disk is sda (or hda) so make sure the USB hard (perhaps sdb) drive is shown to be first in the booting order.
  3. In the same booting section, make sure you understand where the grub bootloader will be installed. By default it will be the first drive so check the booting section to make sure you know where it is going.
  4. Have a look at my small article on Partitioning:
  5. Before you allow the install to proceed, check everything twice and do not let it proceed if you don’t think the setup is right.

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