Booting in generic no backlight, boot in failsafe backlight is on

i just installed openSUSE on my Acer laptop. So i am now Multi-OS Windows 7 (primary) and openSUSE (secondary). Creating the partitions was easy and everything ran fine. When i first logged on to openSUSE, everything worked and i was very pleased!! what an OS. wow. ive been using the windows OS this a.m. and decided to reboot, and startup the linux. I switched the boot to boot from linux. I came to the screen where it asks if youd like to load regular or failsafe mode. I chose the regular one. It then goes to that screen with that animal looking thing. The backlight is on, then it switched off, a second later switched back on again, and a second later switched off and stayed off. Screen becomes dark and unable to read. Any ideas as to what may be going on? Again when i boot into failsafe mode, the screen works fine! (thank God)

Hmmm thats very strange. Restarted computer, booted in generic mode. Used a flashlight to see the screen (barely). logged on, changed the screen resolution to 1024 x 768. Screen works!! but it was previously in 1336 x 768, which i like because thats what the laptop is supposed to be in. Any ideas as to how i can get the display working in 1336x768?