booting from usb drive

Hey Guys,

I tried to get my usb drive ready to boot opensuse using the following article.
SuSE Installation vom USB Medium - openSUSE
(Sry, I don’t know where the English copy is)

The first problem occured when I copied the files from the install dvd to the usb drive: Some of them simply didn’t want to be copied. To be exact: The file called branding and the file called initrd-xenpae in the /boot/i386 folder. Nevertheless, I continued.

I started mksusebootdisk got the message that a so called syslinux package was not yet installed. I opend YaST but that particular package was nowhere to be found.

Then I started Windows using a tool from HP (boot disk, as far as I know) but the partition the tool created was too small for the opensuse install image.

I’m kinda helpless right now. Please, can anyone help me?

Are you trying to make an actual install to a usb drive. And do you mean a HD or Pen drive?
Have you tried: UNetbootin - Homepage and Downloads