Booting from suse 11 live cd

I have an older Dell PE 2500SC server that won’t run the live cd. It displays the splash screen that should have a white bar traveling to the right indicating the loading progress. No white bar. If I hit escape I see this scrolling up:

init segfault at 0 ip 00000000 sp bfeb05f0 error 4 in init [8048000 + 86000]

Any ideas? I would like to install it on this machine but can’t get past this.

This could be indication issues with your CPU/ACPI…

Have you tried booting with the boot option ’ acpi=off ’ or ’ acpi=noirq ’

Other options can be found here : SDB:Kernel Parameters for ACPI/APIC - openSUSE

If that does not work you can also try downloading the DVD installer. It can make the difference.

Wishing you luck,