Booting From Different HDD

I’ve been playing around with SuSE from 10.3 to now 11.0. I recently put another HDD in the computer to load other Distros on. It currently has DesktopBSD 1.6 on it.

Is there anything I can do, short of entering the BIOS and switching the boot drive (which I’m doing now), to select which Linux boots?

I like SuSE as a good dependable everyday Distro. The kids have no problem with it, it does everything I need, and aside from the ATI issues everything just seems to work. I simply wanted to have a look at the other flavors.

The boot thing isn’t a big hassle - I just thought I’d ask.

If you are booting from Suse at the moment then leave that HD 1st in BIOS.

Boot SUSE and we can edit the /boot/grub/menu.lst
to add an entry for DesktopBSD

Once in SuSE we need to open a terminal and go su, then do:

fdisk -l

post the info from that here:


We will be adding a entry to menu.lst something like

title DesktopBSD 1.6
root (hd1,2)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz
initrd /boot/initrd.img

This is an example not the finished article

GRUB bootloader - Full tutorial

Alternatively, you can use the Yast Bootloader to add the DesktopBSD