Booting from ARECA HBA and system updates

I have a OpenSuSE 10.3 server which uses a Areca ARC-1130 RAID host bus adaptor. The system boots off of a RAID volume and has a secondary data storage volume (also RAID). When 10.3 was originally installed, I had to go through a complicated process of having drivers on a floppy at the time of installation and injecting the drivers into the kernel during installation so that I could use the RAID as a boot device. I also had to tun off automatic kernel updates so that the areca module would not be lost (and hence lose access to my array).

Since 10.3 is no longer supported, I was considering updating to 11.2. I see some posts online stating the arcmsr driver is now in the kernel. Does anyone know if the current kernels (in 11.0+) support booting off RAID or do I have to do the whole floppy thing again?