Booting freezes when a key is pressed

Hello together,
I’ve been using openSUSE Tumbleweed for a few weeks now (I’ve been using other Linux distributions for the past few years).
Now the boot freezes when I press a key in this screen:

If I wait 8 seconds (this is the time I set), the system boots normally.
But I can’t select any of the other options during boot.
As soon as I press the up or down key the boot process stops.

Do you have a hint what could be the reason for (and solution of) this?
Thanks a lot

oops, needs work before submit, back soon…

As a workaround, open the yast2 bootloader module and deselect “Graphical console”, click OK, then exit yast2 and reboot. Grub should come up in plain text, black and white mode. I don’t use graphical grub, and this text-mode grub is working normally here in TW20230112.

Post #2 was submitted before I remembered the PC was last upgraded to TW 20221210, so I wanted to be sure upgrading to 20230112 didn’t change anything.

Hm, it is normal that the timer stops when you select another boot entry. It is not clear if you hit “enter” after selecting another entry as this is necessary to boot.

Thank you.
I will try that.

Booting up is also stopping when i press the Enter key :confused:

@mrmazda: Without the graphical console i can use the up and down key to change what i want to load…
Thank you very much.
Maybe i will try the graphical console in a few weeks again.
But it isn’t important.

Now the start of the computer reminds me of the time when I was young :sweat_smile: