Booting fails with "dependency failed for /home"

I dont know why this just started happening with my OpenSuSe version 13.1. But when I boot I get a hung splash screen I then press the “esc” key and there are a few lines that read…

dependendcy failed for /home
run systemctl -b blah blah 

sorry to be so vauge but I cannot copy and pate the text becuase the system does not allow any keyboard input. I know the hardware is still good b/c I dual boot and the Windows OS still works fine.

So I then try to boot my system into rescue mode (ISO copied to USB). I am using software RAID (two disks) with LUKS & LVM

part_1 = windows
part_2 = windows
part_3 = Linux with boot flag
part_4 = swap (?)
part_5 = Linux

The LUKS is on /dev/md126p5 according to the output of cryptsetup luksDump. So then try to open it:

# cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/md126p5 cr_lvm
Enter passphrase for /dev/md126p5:
/dev/mapper/temporary-cryptsetup-1697: mknod for
temporary-cryptsetup-1697 failed: Read-only file system
Failed to open temporary keystore device.
Command failed with code 5: Failed to open temporary keystore device.

I cannot open the LUKS partition to start troubleshoot the problem(s).

seems similar:

Found out how to open my LUKS partition! :slight_smile:


In short this is a bug on the 13.1 iso. To fix run:

CODE}# rm /dev/mapper

vgscan --mknodes

Now I just need help to figure out why my system wont boot?

OMG pencil and paper have stopped working. only keyboards work now??? :open_mouth:

Understood that you may not be able to do too much with a busted OS But there are cameras in most phones and last I checked pencil and paper still works :wink:

So you have some sort of luks setup.Want to tell use more?? Separate non-encrypted boot?? What partition(s) exactly is/are encrypted? Under lieing file system?? BTRFS/EXT4/something else???

Here is /etc/fstab

here is the error that is seen at boot: