Booting fails after yast update , no command line

Today I used the usual kde update applet. After it was done, it still refreshed with a list of updates. So not all updates were done. After rebooting, grub if still fine, I can access the encrypted drive, but no command line appears.

What can I do with grub in order to use boot and continue the updates or use snapper?

Here’s a video:

TW is never updated like this, only use dup, see 100+ forum posts!

Haha really. I must have done it like 200 times in 2 years. I thought the applet was written by opensuse.

So, anyone still knows how I can deal with this issue. Is there a way to change some parameters in grub to make it not so I can use snapper or zypper?

I was able to follow the steps at to chroot into the filesystem with luksOpen.
Noticed that the drive was 100% full.
Remove a few 500MB’s and now I can boot again into the system.

I removed a couple of gigabytes of docker images and still I have only a few hundreds of megabytes left, which is pretty weird.
I wonder what it occupying all of that.

Ok I ran this script: /etc/cron.daily/
And now some btrfs-cleaner process is using cpu time and removing a lot of gigabites.
Don’t understand anything from this btrfs. First I had a issues with quota’s, then cpu usage, now disk gets full from it. It might be advanced but for me it caused a lot of issues.