Booting Error

Hello Everyone

Using OpenSUSE 12.3 with XFCE DE and suddenly getting the following error “systemd[1]: Failed to start journal service”

Thanks in advance.

maybe try to reinstall

 zypper -f install **/usr/lib/systemd/systemd **

thru chrooted enviroment Live CD/USB if ou van’t get to recovery mode - comand line or if you’re using btrfs (and’ve snapper installed) and this problem occures after some update or Yast change it shlould be thru like a breeze

No when I boot through live CD and execute this command it’s giving no space left error but I have 8GB of space on root (/) file system.

OK, boot from the live CD again, open a terminal, become root (using command ‘su’ and entering root password),
and then say
‘parted -l’.
Please post the output of that here.

After that please enter ‘df’ in that terminal and post the resulting output here as well.

Good luck

perhaps it means that you aren’t chrooted (no space left) cause you’re rerforming the zypper -f… command on the live CD not on the system already installed. I looked at my post and it was wiritten terribly - you do this command thru 1)Live enviroment OR via 2) recovery mode

Are you using btrfs?
Then likely your disk is filled up with snapshots.
Try to remove some with snapper (or YaST->Snapper).

Sorry for delayed reply and I have re installed the OS.Thank You for your replies.