Booting error

12.1 kde _64

But I’m sure the OS has nothing to do with this.

I noticed my HD activity light was on constantly. ‘top’ showed nothing abnormal.
Reboot and the HD goes in to full activity at the BIOS and remains that way.
Press Esc to see the verbose and I see this for some time
SUSE Paste

Nothing has been changed - hardware or software.

I tried other OS that are installed in this system Win7 and Mint 13 - Same problem.
But like I say the HD is ballistic in the BIOS screen.

Ideas welcome

I had such an effect on an older machine short before the harddisk died.
Other than that I have no idea what else it can be.

PC: oS 12.1 x86_64 | i7-2600@3.40GHz | 16GB | KDE 4.8.4 | GeForce GT 420
ThinkPad E320: oS 12.1 x86_64 | i3@2.30GHz | 8GB | KDE 4.8.4 | HD 3000
eCAFE 800: oS 12.1 i586 | AMD Geode LX 800@500MHz | 512MB | KDE 3.5.10

Thank you Martin.
I neglected to say that systems all boot, albeit slowly.
The system is running now and I’m using it OK,but the HD light is red constantly.

Time will tell I guess. But I may root around in the case tomorrow and try some options

Met this a couple of times, in all cases caused by a dying HDD. Backup what you need, replace the HDD.

On 07/03/2012 09:16 PM, caf4926 wrote:
> But I may root around in the case tomorrow and
> try some options

ah…since you didn’t mention it, i assume that SMART told you nothing
was bad, and the manufacturers downloadable disk diagnostics software
said all was well ??

  • so, while it is running backup all data (as if you have not already:)

  • a friend sometimes buys an exact same model/size/etc from ebay for “no
    money” and changes out the drives circuit board/controller…he swear
    it usually works…me, i’d just replace it…

HOWEVER: after you have the backup, and sides off, just gently wiggle
the connections at the drive and motherboard…or if you have a
replacement cable of known good repair, swap it out…heck, unplug the
drive at both ends and then replug…same for power…and, make sure the
screws on the sides are just right tight…

clean out the chicken bones and dust…

if the light remains on…dump it.

or put that old drive to good use, like maybe a high tech door stop…

OH, check: the drive may still be in warranty… and you may be able to
get a replacement for just the price of mailing yours to the
warranty/repair center…usually the replacement will be larger capacity
and faster (time marches on)…


Yep. Did that already.

I plan some diagnostics on both HD’s tomorrow (320 GB WD and 500 GB WD)
This build is from 2007 and it runs all day every day, but is off at night usually.

I hate to agree with everyone else as it is so unlike me, but if this is the same setup for the last five years and you don’t have anything plugged in wrong recently, a hard drive issue is very possible. While challenging fate perhaps, I would take this as a sign, after a good backup for what can not be replaced, to do a good cleaning of the PC in bright light like outside and the working in and out of every plug, cable, adapter card, memory and so forth. Particularly if SMART says everything is OK, it could be something else like dust or dirt in the wrong place. This situation too has occured to me before. I have never went five years without a good cleaning but more than one year and a discovery that I was a few months behind the cleaning curve.

Thank You,

It’s hard to tell if it’s the hard disk or the (onboard) controller, but there is an “easy” way to find out: put the hard disk in another computer or/and use either an IDE or SATA PCI controller (whatever the HDD is)… athough the first thing I would try will be replacing the cable, then switch the SATA port. Also make sure that the BIOS didn’t reset the storage mode from AHCI to legacy (which happens sometimes on cheap ASUS mainboards after a hard reset).

Well I boot the computer this AM and it’s apparently OK.

Yesterday I had rebooted it several times to try other systems. I’ll keep you posted as and when I get time to work on this. I’m kind of busy and stressed out ATM.

Thank you for all the help so far.