Booting different hard drives,

When I installed SUSE to a different drive (SATA) I set that to be the boot drive but it would not do anything jujst hung up !

If you installed SUSE, then switched the booting order, that’s your problem. Re-install it with the drive in the position you want it for SUSE.

What happened was a bit strange but obviously my fault. I dont use the two Sata drives. When i installed SUSE i thought o was installing to the IDE drive but actally I had installed it to one of the Sata drives. So then I made that sata drive the boot drive so i could use SUSE.

But it wont boot ?

You should leave the disk order like it was, as when you installed openSUSE. Then it will boot.

Provided he installed GRUB in the MBR of course. Or much more rarely done, installed GRUB in the PBR and arranged for the Windows bootloader to chain to it.

Guys, I have some sereious drive problems. I wont post again till I have the Sata drives working properly(and they are not at this moment)


Did you start this thread in “General Chit-Chat” just to have some Chit-Chat about what you experienced or are you looking for help. When the letterr is the case, I advice you do start a new thread after your further investigation in Install/Boot/Login. This would be the plcae wheree thh appropriate gurus should be available :wink:
You can also ask me to move this thread there.

Yes can you move this or il just start a new thread ?

My PC had 3 drives, one ide, 2 sata. with my pc i have found out that that the only way to boot to boot from different hard drives is to unplug the ide and plug in the Sata i wish to use to boot. Sounds a bit weird but its the only way on this configuration. Thanks for sending me the 4 SUSE disks.

What you describe should not be necessary.
It a simple matter of BIOS configuration.

I thought the same. When i pick up the computer from the guy that was looking into it he is going to tell me why it has to be done this way. I will post the reasons when im told., see if it makes sense to you after i do that, cheers,
from ml2967 :slight_smile: