Booting after adding hard drives

After adding two hard drives to my computer, when I boot into SUSE 11.1, my home partition on a previously second drive can not be found and I am booted to a command line login. I suspect that this is because the new hard drives have changed the order of my hard disks and that the /etc/fstab file which previously pointed to /dev/sdbn now points elsewhere.

The solution appears to be either to use the “LABEL=” or “UUID=” tags in my /etc/fstab file. Does Suse 11.1 support either or both of these methods for specifying the disk partition ?

It supports them all as far as I’m aware.
The simplest and perhaps the quickest is to go into yast partitioner and change it there iirc it will write a correct fstab for you.

What is the program equivalent to “yast partitioner” and can it be run from the command line once I login from the command line as administrator ? The alternative I
was considering is to login from the command line as administrator and edit the /etc/fstab with a command line editor, perhaps “vi”, then reboot.

Tha equivalent is the yast partitioner after running yast from the command line.

Yes, you can use the old syntax LABEL=something or the new udev syntax that names the partition /dev/disk/by-label/something, similarly for UUID.