Bootchart Not Working Properly


This thread belongs to both applications and booting. I have recently downloaded “Bootchart” and they say that everytime I boot (turn on the computer) it creates a .png image of a graph showing what starts up every time I start the computer. Now, my problem is that I do not get a .png file/image I dont get anything. I have it installed, I tried 5 places to install it and only 1 websites worked (www.bootchart… or something similar). And I am wondering if it is installed-and-activated/enabled why in Linux do I not get that .png image? I want to speed up my OpenSUSE Tumbleweed. I want it to start up in about maximum 10 seconds. And I have to know what is slowing down my computer from turning on (for me it takes about 28 seconds to turn on the computer (with the desktop up and running), but I heard/read that it can be done much much faster).


When you do not tell what version of openSUSE you use, many people will not even start helping you. Because they get tired having to ask for this basic information every time.

And what hardware? That makes a lot of difference. Also there is a graphic built in. Should not have to install anything but we do need to know what version?

For hardware a quick personal observation. Running 13.2 on a AMD 6 core CPU. I had a hard drive based system booted in about 25 sec to log in and another 10 to stable desktop added a SSD and made it boot with root on it boot is now under 10 sec to log in about 5 more to desk top. That is just estimates, I did not put a stop watch on it

In general it is mostly connecting to the net that takes the time. And that depends on the Network.

Assuming a recent version this will tell you what is taking the time
systemd-analyze blame
systemd-analyze critical-chain
systemd-analyze plot
is your graph

man systemd-analyze
for more options

removing services can speed things up