boot wait moore 1:30s after second HD installed

How are you?

After made services configurations from great help from this forum (Miuku member) I have installed a second HD that has an old opensuse 13.1. When the system Boot, it gives options, what does system is to boot. The First choice is Opensuse 42.2 and second Opensuse 13.1. Right, no problem. But, we want to use the second HD to other use, then I use Gparted and formated in ext4 and put it in fstab to mount and boot with system in /mnt But, after use Gparted and when the system boot it wait some time to up. Pressing ESC, it shows this:

First Image (online image)

and After, second image

Passing 1:30s the system boot normally. What can be wrong? Maybe second HD has active swap?
I can not understand why this.

Thank you so much for attention and help