boot video error

hi brothers, I install Suse 11.1 on my desktop. but during booting in says “video error” and ask to press “Enter” to select video mode or <space bar to continue. after pressing the <space bar> all goes well. it is getting very annoying to press <space bar> each time I boot. any help brothers?

It means that you resolution choice in the grub bootloader is not supported.

You need to edit the bootloader file menu.lst located in the /boot partition and change the videomode in the line representing you startup kernel. Change is to something which is supported by you screen or videocard represented by VGA=XXXXX

Or alternatively you can use yast to set the mode as it will autodetect the supported codes.

It might be related also to an USB device that is plugged in - this happens to me any time when the external USB hdd is plugged in.

I could not find a solution yet though I did see a lot of posts related to this (mainly on Ubuntu forums).