Boot time is increasing With each Boot

my Machine is vaio i3 ram 3gb and hdd of 320gb i have installed open suse 11.4 in an extended partition of 50gb when installed it usually boot within 40seconds but now the boot time has increased upto 4 minutes what is the problem with this can any1 help me out on this ???

Thanks if u read above problem of mine !!

Press ESC during the boot to view what process is taking up the time.

i surely will try that on my next boot now

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Is it my imagination or is a fact that .deb based distros boot faster in comparison to openSUSE?

That would be your imagination. Boottime does not rely on the package management system.

then what matters the boot time to increase it so much ???/

On 10/11/2011 08:36 PM, soni shrikant wrote:
> then what matters the boot time to increase it so much ???/

anything and everything you have installed, activated, setup, or
configuration file edited since the initial install may have an impact
on boot time…either making it slower or faster…

since initial system install, what software or hardware have you installed?

since initial system install what configuration files have you edited,
either directly or via a tool such as YaST?

if the answer to both of those is “Nothing.” then you have a hardware

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The file you could look into is /var/log/messages:

su -
(enter rootpassword)
cat /var/log/messages | more

Now hit “/” to search for today’s date, replacing spaces by "\ ", i.e. a backslash, a space, this for each space, so “Oct\ 11”. Look for the start of the last boot, then hit space and see if you see something going on for a long time.