Boot takes long when server is off

Hi there,

Took an old machine, installed openmediavault and configured a nfs client via yast on my tumble.
When the server is up and running my tumble boots fine and fast.

When the server is off tumble takes 1.5 minutes to boot due to trying to boot the server as is in /etc/fstab

Is there a possibillity to bring this waiting back to e.g. 10 secs?

Grtz Karel

If this is an NFS issue, then try using “autofs” for mounting NFS shares. And try to avoid using those shares when the server is down.

That way, there is no attempt to mount the share until it is used (accessed).

Please Karel, if you think it’s the fstab, then include it, or at least the lines referring to the nfs mounts. My educated guess is that your TW install attempts to mount the NFS shares for 90 secs . By design. In setups where a server will not always be available, I’d use autofs, or rather run some service on it that I can access through a browser or phone app. For media I really like Emby. for filesharing/syncing I use Nextcloud+client. Both of them on a VPS, as well as locally on a RPi3+2TB HDD.

Thnx very much both. I will try autofs (found documentation) and will try Emby, Curious aboout that one!