Boot Suse 11.1 Live CD in text mode - need login & password

Hi All,

Hope this is an easy question.
I have installed 11.1 live CD using TEXT install option - as I have an ancient machine and it does not seem to like these new fangled graphics.

I get to the login screen

localhost login:

And I have no idea what the [root] or account login is.

I have tried


nothing works.
I have had a trawl about and been unable to find what I thought would be an obvious and common issue - with an answer.

Anyone know what the SuSe 11.1 LIVE CD default [root] login / password is…?!

to login type:

hit enter

that’s it

If you need to get a graphical display you may need to switch to vesa by entering this:
sax2 -r -m 0=vesa
(that’s a zero not a letter)

then type:


As I wrote in my original mail,

I tried the ID ‘root’ and just pressing enter and it would not accept this…?

Where is cd from or where did you download it form
Have you run the media check

I agree with caf4926. There is something wrong with your install.