Boot stops with ... 5.6942481 ioremap error

Gecko Rolling Plasma 210519 - 860evo - 512MB EFI, 70GB ext4, remainder as NTFS.
Dell 5500, i5 + 16GB - Win10pro on NVME (removed during install from live usb to external ssd)

Beginner with full install from Calamares to external ssd without dual bot (using Win bios bootlist to keep Windows away from Linux).

For a couple of days was fully functional, updated, languages etc all done via Yast and no terminal.
Now …
Boot runs two lines then stops.
5.6942481 ioremap error for 0x78e31000 - 0x78e32000, requested 0x2, got 0x0
Then [devicename] login: and the flashing cursor.
Nothing after that.

Tried recovery but runs a long list and just stops at flashing cursor.
Tried typing “exit” … asked for user and password … got this response …
“You have no mail”
“Have a lot of fun …”

Did not laugh …