Boot splash

I am sorry for my English, I use the translator))) for me a problem with a load picture, it is displaced a little in relation to screen monitor boundary, it is visible on a photo , it does not turn out to correct in any way, I observed this glitch and in version 11.0, very much irritates. Tried to expose in string of loading modes:

Res/col        256(8bit)        32000(15bit)    65000(16bit)    16.7 Mill.(24bit)
640x480        0x301        0x310        0x311        0x312
800x600        0x303        0x313        0x314        0x315
1024x768        0x305        0x316        0x317        0x318
1280x1024    0x307        0x319        0x31A        0x31B
1600x1200    0x31C        0x31D        0x31E        0x31F

but I instead of the load screen have a console. Works only 0х31а
P.S. If to use autotune on the screen monitor that map becomes normal, but this effect disappears at the following loading of system: (

****… Even at an official forum have not helped to troubleshoot…

I have the same problem. You could try auto-tuning the monitor at the console start-up, then use sax2 when logged-in to adjust the screen position.