Boot splash rezolution

Hi, to everyone.
I have install today suse linux 13.1 x64 fot he first time.

I install all i need.

And now i want to change the rezolution of Boot splash
I want to see full screen ( i have 1920x1080 monitor)
Or if you can help me to install this

That is the graphical grub menu … grub is completely dependent upon the video bios extensions supported by your particular graphics adapter (i.e. no two are necessarily the same, and may have different native VBE capabilities)… you can try selecting a grub resolution to see if it will work … or you can findout your adapter’s supported modes several ways too via “vbetest”, (from grub cmd line with) vbeinfo, or, as root

hwinfo --vbe | grep Mode               

Or if you can help me to install this


There are several splash screens you see while your system is starting up:

  • the bootloader’s (i.e. grub’s, lilo’s … )
  • the boot splash (see the list of such apps in
  • the DM’s splash (if you’re using one)
  • the desktop’s (i.e. KDE’s, GNOME’s …)

What you have shown pertains to the boot splash. In particular, it pertains to a boot splash specific to “Bootsplash”
openSUSE, however, now uses “Plymouth” (again, see the list in the wikipedia link)
You can likely uninstall Plymouth and then install Bootsplash and then configure it to use that particular theme you linked to if you so choose.

I try sudo hwinfo --vbe | grep Mode in konsole is ok?
sudo: hwinfo: command not found

I am new 1 day on suse linux.:slight_smile:
Sorry for the question but how uninstall Plymouth and install Bootsplash?*1080-resolution-how

I do this GRUB_GFXMODE in /etc/default/grub 1920x1080
But how can I do: grub2-mkonfig -o /boot/grub2/boot.cfg ?
run in terminal?
(If ‘grub2-mkonfig’ is not a typo you can use command-not-found to lookup the package thake this:cnf grub2-mkonfig)

I run sudo grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg for update grup.cfg but i get error: sudo: grub2-mkconfig: command not found

It is easier to set the grub screen res from yast - boot

You will find yast. in the menu.

Hello again.
How can i change the background? (to the boot splash and login screen)

From this
I want to chage to

The first screen I have edit and is ok (boot/grub2/ themes opensuse and i change the background.png)

But the second and the third screen i can not.

( i try usr-kde4-apps-ksplash-themes)

I also need help with the Imortal Bootsplash…

The given link advice on is no use. Isn’t there a simple method to get read of the opensuse 13.1 bootsplash ???

Yast-boot is simple

Of course not.
That link contains a theme and advise for openSUSE 11.2.
Much has changed since then. In particular 13.1 uses grub2 instead of grub (which was actually patched to use gfxboot on/by openSUSE), and plymouth instead of bootsplash/splashy.

Isn’t there a simple method to get read of the opensuse 13.1 bootsplash ???

What do you want exactly?
What does “to get read of” mean? Or do you want to get rid of it?

Well, that’s easy. Just add “plymouth.enable=0” to your boot options, or uninstall the package “plymouth” and its dependencies.
Or just uninstall “plymouth-branding-openSUSE” to only remove the openSUSE theme and keep plymouth itself.

You could also change “splash=silent” to “splash=verbose” in the boot options, like in earlier openSUSE versions.

To change the bootsplash, use “plymouth-set-default”, see its man page. Of course you would have to create/install a new theme first.
Each theme is in a subfolder inside /usr/share/plymouth/themes/.

Since you actually posted a screenshot of the Grub Boot menu,

AFAIK there is no way to modify the screen resolution but you can modify the theme any way you want.

I created a script which allows you to

  • Change the background
  • Allows you to change the fonts… size, type, etc
  • Allows you to modify the progress bar
  • More

So, although the screen resolution isn’t likely modifiable (Typically it’s set for VESA in the Grub configuration because at this point in the boot process your options are limited… The driver that supports your GPU isn’t loaded until the Desktop loads (shortly before User Login)). But, you can do the next best thing… Make your fonts smaller. Enlarge the space used by the Grub menu entries.

Here’s the description and links to scripts for various versions of openSUSE


Of course there is.
Set the desired resolution in YaST->System->Boot Loader->Boot Loader Options->“Console Resolution” (or set/change GRUB_GFXMODE in /etc/default/grub).
This applies to text mode as well then.
The default “Auto-detect by Grub2” tries to get the preferred resolution from the monitor.

Which modes are supported depends on your graphics chip of course.

Btw, Grub2 does come with its own set of graphics drivers, although they are not as sophisticated as the kernel/Xorg drivers of course.

Well, I kind of mis-spoke when I said you couldn’t make <any> changes in boot loader screen resolution. The VESA driver I mentioned does support <a few> different resolutions but as I also described choices are <very> limited. Last I looked, this is generally the only graphics driver Grub2 will load although it’s possible to force VGA instead which is even more limited.

But, the scripts I created should accomplish what the OP wants… You might not be able to modify the screen resolution to your liking but you can make the fonts much smaller (and possibly change the font) to accomplish what he likely wants. And, if you really want to change the background image, my script does that too.