boot screen freeze

Hi all,
I recently updated the leap 42.3, unfortunately the system was updated to Tumbleweed. I came to know from this forum that this is because of a TW repository. Later I removed the TW repository. However, occassionaly I encounter a login screen freeze, approximately 50% of the time. The logi screen appears with the login ids and Photos, but even after typing password, unable to enter the system. How can I go back to leap or at least login properly?
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First off, what Desktop Environment are you using? Not that it matters or affects the solution, but just curious.

Secondly, when you “upgraded” to Tumbleweed, how exactly did you do it. What were the steps. For example. When doing updates on a Leap system you would issue the command:

sudo zypper update

In Tumbleweed, you would issue the command:

sudo zypper dup

If you added some Tumbleweed repositories and issue the leap update method, you have a crazy mixture of things that is probably causing your system to operate sub-optimally.

I would recommend that you do not try to go back to 42.3 as it is not currently supported. If you want to go back to Leap, I would recommend you move to 15.0 but since you have a mixture of things, I would PERSONALLY recommend you do a nuke and pave installation. If you are liking Tumbleweed, my recommendation is to change over only to the Tumbleweed repositories and execute the command:

sudo zypper dup

I can help you switch to Tumbleweed but in order to do so, I would need to you execute this in terminal then copy and paste the results here:

zypper ls

Hope this helps a bit,

Well, actually, yes it does matter, does affect the solution in many cases. Different combinations of Desktop and Display Manager have been know to cause issues on some systems, and changing one or the other often solves the problem.

If you want to make sure your system is cleaned up properly to Leap 42.3, it is not too difficult. Disable all repos except the OSS, non-OSS, OSS Update, and non-OSS Update. Put the 42.3 install disk or USB in, choose the “Upgrade” option. This will restore your system to the version that is in the installer, cleaning things up. Re-enable your Packman repo, do the Packman switch again for Multimedia, then run the updates with:

zypper up

Any programs you have installed or configurations in your /home will remain, so you will not have to do all that over again.

Thank you for you time

I shall try this aswell
thank you