Boot Result: Three Purple Squares

I purchased a Linux OpenSUSE magazine with software so I could use it on an old windows system. I wasn’t able to use the cd/dvd because that drive is broken. I downloaded an OpenSUSE installer. When I choose Linux/OpenSUSE versus Windows, I am asked install options (don’t remember off hand them) and any options results in three purple squares/blocks center screen and have to (literally) pull the plug to reboot. What happened? Why? Is there anything I can do to get OpenSUSE to load/run? I will post photos/video if required.

Thanks, ManchJedi.

Hello and welcome here.

We need more details, e.g. about the version you try to install. I assume you know what you downloaded, so please tell us.
What did you do with the downloaded “installer”? Burn it to a DVD, copied it to an USB storage device?

You then have to boot from it. I do not quite understand what you mean with “When I choose Linux/OpenSUSE versus Windows”. From where do you choose that?

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