Boot problems

Hi there!

I have a problem with installing openSUSE 11 on my HP Pavilion DV2140eu. I use the 64-bit DVD version to install openSUSE. The install works very vell and I get everything installed, but then when i reeboot my lpatop after the install it won´t boot up again. It freezes and nothing happends… So I wonder if someone has a clue what the problem might be? Does anyone else have the same problems? I haven´t tried the 32-bit version, but I don´t think it´s necessary either. Hope someone has a solution for me.


Have you tried the failsafe option?

No I haven´t tried that. But I will try it later today when my working shift is over…=)

Hi again!

I took my laptop to work :stuck_out_tongue: and tried to install opensuse 11 in failsafe mode… But I still have the same problem. Reboot after install and it wont boot up again… :frowning: So any other suggestions?

Do you have an other OS installed? If so WHAT

When you boot again after install do you get the green boot loader screen? If NO. When you installed, did you notice where grub was installed?

Does the pc hangs when trying to boot linux or even hangs before giving you any boot menu? In this case Grub is not correctly installed and you can fix this booting with the dvd and choosing to repair installed system, in particular reinstalling the boot loader in mbr. If this should not work install grub to the root partition and the install a boot manager( not boot leader!) like gag to manage to load grub.

Hi again!

It finally works…=) In the Boot installation I changed Boot from Boot Partition to Master Boot Record instead and now it works. Thank you for all your help. Have a nice weekend!:smiley: