Boot problems with 11.2

Hello to all.
I have some problems with opensuse 11.2 ( i’ll explain in detail )
So i can boot from the liveCD, i can install the sistem everything is ok.
But after restart, i can see the boot process but then when kde needs to start, my pc freezes.
If i login with user root ( init 3 ) and then do startx everything works. With a regular user id does not .
Please help me out because i want openSuSE on my laptop.

Try the level3 boot, login as user, become su and do:

sax2 -r

when it’s done - reboot

OR perhaps this should be first-: boot to the desktop as you have and install a graphics driver. Do you have nvida or ati?
If not - do the sax2 above
ATI - openSUSE

i have ATI videocard.
I will try that but i have tryed sax2 --vesa … and the result was the same … ( maybe is not the same thing as you said )

What you would do for vesa is

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa

(that’s zero = vesa)

But if your ATI card is supported use that.
The vesa command will help you recover if the driver install goes south

Ok i undestand, my videocard is ATI Radeon Xpress 1100.
do you think this problem comes from the video driver ??
Right now i cannot test because i use ubuntu no ( wich i dont like ).
But i will try that today.

Looks like vesa might be what you need. I don’t see your card here](

Yes you are probably right , but Xpress 1100 is Xpress 200 ( it has a Xpress 200 chip as i know )

So give it a go
I know little about ATI, sorry.

Hang on](

Ok i will give it another try …
Thank you for your help
But still … whi can i login with root and not with a normal user ( like i said before ) ?

Don’t login as root.
(I missed you did that, I thought you were just level 3 user with su)

Did you try failsafe?

No i did not try failsafe, i will try it once i’m home :slight_smile:
I will let you know the result.
Thank you very much for your help.

You are most welcome friend.:wink: