Boot problems Raspberry Pi 3 B+ installation

Followed instructions from here to install Leap 15.1 with the method installing openSUSE using standard DVD (advanced):
Used my tumbleweed installation to set it up.

Unfortunately it doesn’t start up. Getting those messages repeatingly but slightly different:

phy_startup failed
missing environment variable: bootfile
retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/0000000
retrieving file: pxelinux.cfg/default-arm-bcm283x

What did I do wrong?

Am guessing that you’re describing your first attempt to boot after the installation,

See step 10 in your reference.

I haven’t tried that “Install from DVD” method, looks like a lot of trouble compared to the older (and still seems to be recommended) method to simply xzcat the image to your sdcard. Hope you have a reason to install using the DVD…


So many mistakes! :silly:
Now the easy method works.
Didn’t work before so I thought it might be deprecated. Turned out USB stick was making troubles and I had a totally different understanding regarding USB/microSD.
Now I realized that the 3B+ can boot from USB directly!
Thanks for bringing me on the right path.