boot problem

Hi there,

Im a very new linux user!!!
I ahve new machine
everything was perfect with opensuse 11.1!
But now, i can’t boot either opensuse and windows XP

The message when booting is :

EIP <c05a7cc2<]printk_buf=0x2/0x400 SS:ESP 0068:c0523e58
kernel panic - not syncing: fatal exeption in interrupt.

I ve runned a memory test with my lice cd, And after 59% there are a lot of error!!!
I dont know what to do

Do you have any suggestion

If you have multiple memory banks, you could (with your PC switched OFF and the power plug unplugged) open your PC, and remove one of the memory cards. Then plug the PC back in, try booting and see if that works with the remaining memory

If it does not, switch OFF the PC, unplug the PC, put the memory card back, and try removing another one, … reboot … etc …

The idea is to try and isolate which card might have a memory problem.

thank you very much for your quick answer
i took off one of the memory card!!! seems to do something

now the system ask for my root password but unfortunatly it switched into querty mode and im king of lost

the system says :

fsck failed for at least one file system (not/)
please repair manually and reboot.

i dont realy know what to do…

apparently one of my memory bank was wrong!!!
but my computer is new, so i just wandering if the case happen often, or if i did something bad!!

It happens, not necessarily often, but it does happen. That’s why most Linux distros and Windows Vista/7 offer a memory diagnostic.

Did you build this computer or did you buy it from a vendor like Dell or HP? If you built the computer, check the memory manufacturer’s website to see if you can get a replacement. If you bought it from a vendor, contact them to see if they’ll send you a replacement memory module (they should if the machine is under warranty).

Thank you all, i went to the vendor this morning and change my memory bank!!!
my computer is back!!

One more time the community has been very helpfull and efficient!!!

Hi again!

I might have to open a new thread, but my problem now is the consequence of what happen before.
The memory crashed when i was installing new packages.

After i put a new memory then run fsck, reboot and able to use the suse. my gnome environement is now all ****ed up.

Symptome :When i reduce a software, or any window, nothing appear in the desktop bar, and also the 4 boxes representing different level of the desktop disappeared.

So i wonder if i have to reinstal my gnome environemt, or just repair something broken

Im sorry if i didnt make myself clear, but my english give me some trouble!!

I do not know Gnome.

But if my KDE account was really badly messed up due to such a problem (and this never has happened to me) I think what I would do is :

  • backup ALL my data on /home/myusername including .mozilla (browser), .thunderbird (email) and any other imporant files/data on /home [but do NOT backup the KDE desktop configuration files]
  • reboot to run level-3 (ASCII/text login), login as root, and run yast and add a new 2nd user (just to be cautious)
  • delete my old user in yast
  • add my old user back in yast (but this time it will be a clean older user)
  • ensure all the settings are correct (in yast) for how I want to boot to kde/kdm
  • exit yast, reboot to run level-5 and log in to my user account
  • if it looks ok, restore my backup data, .mozilla, .thunderbird
  • remove the “new 2nd user”

Thats pretty drasitic, but not as drastic as a re-install.

I assume it is possible to do something similar for Gnome.

Thank you for answering.

since my problem looks like a new topic i ve created a new thread in application section
gnome desktop problem - openSUSE Forums
your solution seems to be a good one but like i explained in the other thread, when i create a new account i face the same problems.
so i might to reinstall a couple of “applet”

Hmm, … I don’t know where Gnome keeps the user configuration information, but I had assumed it was in /home ?? Is that not the case? If it is the case, then it reads to me like some Gnome (or some system wide parameter) is rather messed up.

I might be wrong cause im really new linux user but

yes gnome seems to keep the user information into /home.But unfortunatly, it doesnt seem to be a user specification, but a larger gnome system problem.