Boot problem

Hi guys:

I installed openSUSE 13.2 in my ASUS S46C.

The installation seems was ok. But, I had a problem with the boot.

For some reason in the boot doesn’t have the option for boot by the HD. I always need put the DVD and choose the boot from hard disk.

I tried repair by the YasT, but the installation stopped.

There is another solution for install or repair the boot (grub2-uefi)?


If you hit the F12 key during boot, does your BIOS give you a boot menu?

With UEFI systems, the booting is normally by system name rather than by disk. On my desktop, the system names available are “Windows Boot Manager” and “opensuse-secureboot”, with the latter as the default.

I’m suspecting that you main problem is that you are unfamiliar with UEFI booting and how it is different. If your system is using “grub2-efi” then you probably set it up correctly for UEFI.

If your BIOS has a setting to choose between legacy booting and UEFI booting, then make sure that it is in UEFI mode.

I press F2 to enter in the BIOS.

Once in the BOOT option, only one option is shown:

*P2: MATSHITADVD-RAM UJ8C2 S (Is the name of cd/dvd drive - I suppose)

No that is not the boot menu… It can be different so you need to read the manual for your machine. but it is more like F10 or F12. We have to assume that this machine has a EFI BIOS unless told differently.

F2 is just the BIOS setup stuff not the boot selection menu.

Yes but there are no option for the boot. So, the system enter on the BIOS.

If I hit F2, then I get into BIOS settings. And there is setting for boot device.

If I hit F12 during boot, I get a menu of several boot possibilities (perhaps including a USB that is plugged in). It is different from the F2 menu.

I usually hit F12 several times during boot. Otherwise this boots fast enough that I might miss.