Boot problem Leap 15

Hello everyone

I am curious what caused my boot problems on Leap 15. Afaik I tried to get bumblebee with nvidia drivers going (following the wiki), around 2 weeks ago (fully updated leap at that time). Since then I only used Tumbleweed (which runs fine). If there is no easy solution I’ll just wipe this Leap-installation. If this add some value for the openSUSE project, I could put this into bugzilla, just tell me.

My hardware: hp pavilion laptop 15 inch, UHD, intel i7-6700HQ (skylake), intel (optimus) gpu and nvidia gtx960m, latest BIOS

Please just ask if you need more information.

Thanks & all the best to you all

Hi, the ACPI errors you posted might be unrelated and harmless.
You wrote that you “followed the wiki”: please be aware that on Leap 15 only the “old” wiki available here has been reported to work.
You might also try to add to the boot command line the following ACPI options which some user reported to be needed with Skylake HW and bumblebee:

acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2009"