boot problem after drivers update

Iam currently using open suse 11.1 - -0.1pae
failsafe – opensuse11.1 - pae
open suse 11.1 - -0.1(default)
failsafe – opensuse11.1 - (default)
atleast that is what it says when it boots up i did an update of ati drivers today on my laptop which requested for a reboot afterwhich it starts booting and shows this gray lines accross the screen and then nothing else the lines just stick there please help until I manually reboot and iam stuck there my laptop is toshiba satellite l305d-s5895

Use the failsafe boot and then run sax2 to set up the x-server. If that doesnt work, try Ctrl+Alt+F2(3…6)to get a console and login as root, type init 3 and then login again as root and run sax2 to configure the X-server.

you can also just enter 3 on the line at the bottom of grub and then select “normal open suse 11.1 - -0.1(default)”, you will end up at init 3 (prompt) and can do a sax2 -r to reset your gfx (as root prefably)