Boot parttion order

I have downloaded this operating system on a partition of windows vista I want to boot windows first but when trying to change boot order in the system it says i do not have permission to change can any one help me Please?

You can modify the Grub menu using Yast / System / Boot Loader. In this program, you can change the order of how the menu selections appear and change which menu selection is the default. This is the best way to do this if you are not into doing a manual edit of the menu.lst file using kwrite, which must be done as a root user. The manual command would be:

kdesu kwrite /boot/grub/menu.lst

Enter the root password and make any manual changes you wish and then save the file. I would suggest you try using the Yast Boot Loader option first however.

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where do i find yast i have seen yasts under file system/etc/yast2 but it does not have boot loader in that file

In KDE it is Menu Button / System and then Yast. Yast also exists in Gnome, but I don’t remember where it is located.

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If you can’t find it digging through menus ( or are simply to impatient like someone I know well ) … from a command prompt, type “yast2 bootloader”.