Boot partition required?

Hi all,

During my installation of 12.3, I noticed that I was required to create a /boot partition. This puzzled me, as other distributions that use Grub 2 and LVM do not require it.

Is this a deficiency of the installer?


Until recently, opensuse was using legacy grub which did need a “/boot”. I guess the installer has not been updated to allow skipping “/boot” as long as grub2 is used.

Personally, I like having a separate “/boot” even when it is not strictly required.

It did not create /boot on openSUSE 12.3 for me. I did a clean install i.e. not an upgrade

Yes, it is installer issue. You can ignore it (make sure to enter bootloader section on summary screen and set exact device where it has to be installed, do not trust installer to do it for you :slight_smile: ) and it will be installed just fine. For fun I even installed on LVM on a single encrypted partition on GPT disk (you will need to allocate bios_grub partition of course). This does not work completely automatically because option to enable grub2 on encrypted partition is missing from /etc/default/grub currently and of course is not offered by YaST2 either.

Do not forget that you need more space to embed bootloader. Should not be an issue if disk is repartitioned (it starts on 1M boundary) or if you have UEFI. Also do not forget that it makes grubenv read only (no way to save currently selected boot menu entry or reset boot once flag).

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to play around with this when I get some time, but it’s good to know someone has got it working. I think I’ll see if there is a bug/feature request for this, and add accordingly.