boot options

In a previous version of kde I believe the default for 11.0, there was an option which allowed you to boot into other operating systems or kernels. Is this possible in the current version of kde.

I haven’t noticed it, but it probably is. I would never use it myself since all the options are at the grub boot screen anyway.
I’ll see what I can find…

If you go to the menu click reboot
Look carefully at the reboot button that pops up, there is a tiny little drop handle to click
Be warned it’s easy to miss click and it will just reboot
Aim a little low

What caf4926 said, it’s still there. There’s a down arrow on the button. You have to click and hold, then choose the other OS from the dropdown menu, and release.

Doesn’t apply to different OS’s, but this caught my other day about multiple kernels… enough to make a note to try it out on the next test box.

openSUSE Lizards » Install Multiple Kernel Versions using the YaST Qt Package Manager

Thx for the help