Boot OpenSUSE-11.0 Live KDE4 from WINDOWS XP

When I try to boot openSUSE-11.0 Live the system returns an error message:

Mounting CD/DVD drive…
Couldn’t find CD image configuration file
rebootException: error consoles at Alt F3/F4
rebootException: reboot in 120 sec

My notebook is a compaq nx9005 without CD/DVD. Im using unetbootin both with iso file and folder extracted.

Unetbootin looks like a neat tool. However, from the home page, I don’t see 11.0 supported. “Factory” is listed, but that may have been any time, even a long time, before 11.0 gold was released. I saw a post on the Ubuntu forums asking for openSUSE 11.0 support to be added, which at least suggests that perhaps someone else have found that “Factory” doesn’t work.

Is there a way to boot with openSUSE11_0_LOCAL.exe ? Im trying but openSUSE returns the same error.:mad:

Do you mean the Windows executable that is in the downloaded DVD? If so, the iso must be extracted to a folder, and then the .exe file executed. I have not tried this method. My understanding is that it should run the openSUSE installation as usual. So, no, you do not boot from it, you install with it.