Boot, login, and kmail problems after kernel update

My system is: a desktop system with Intel I5 with 8 Gb RAM, & an ASUS Geforce GTX750 video card.
Yesterday, I got a desktop notification that updates were available, so I installed them. One of the updates was a kernel update. After the install was complete I did not get a message to reboot (which I would expect with a kernel update). Not a big deal, but just mentioning for completeness.
I shut the system down and restarted it this morning.

I let the system select the default option–kernel 4.4.104-39 and boot. I did not reach a login screen, but I did see a large arrow shaped mouse cursor, which wouldn’t do anything.
So, I rebooted, and tried the other kernel option–kernel 4.4.114-42. Again I did not SEE a login screen, but this time the mouse cursor was small rather than large. I moved the mouse around, and the small mouse cursor responded. When it got to the place on the screen where I would type in my password, the shape of the mouse cursor changed to an “I-beam”. I clicked the mouse when it displayed the I-beam on the screen and typed in my login password. (just for the hell of it) To my surprise, I got logged into to my KDE desktop. Weird, but I can live with this “extra security feature.” Next I started my e-mail program–Kmail, and it would not run. I get the frame drawn for the kmail window, the widgets on the title bar, but nothing inside. As I have it configured to automatically pull in my mail, I got a dialog showing that my mail was pulled in, but since I can’t see the application, I can’t read any of the e-mail.

I have posted the Xorg.0.log.old file here: because that was helpful in solving other recent similar problems.

Please help me figure out how to get my system booted properly and how to get kmail to display properly (probably one solution will fix both problems???)

Many thanks,

Below is a link to the Xorg.0.log file from the current boot.

Thanks again…

It’s a problem with the current nvidia driver packages, see also e.g.

Adding your user and the user “sddm” to the group “video” should help as a workaround if you don’t want to wait for the fixed packages to appear in the repo.

Thank you. Adding the users you suggested to the video group did help with the problem.

Much appreciated.