boot loader not installed after installation of opensuse64bit 12.2


 Previously I have installed Debian wheezy( testing ) on AMDFX4100 machine. Then I have been passionated by your operating system so I have installed opensuse12.4-X86-64 on the same machine. All the packages have been installed properly and then messages appeared such as saving boot loader configuration etc., then I have restarted the system and I have not found grub related to SUSE instead grub related to Debian is showing and there is no entries for SUSE operating system. 

Please help me to boot into SUSE OS, I mean how to install grub related to SUSE.


Can you boot to debian?
If you can, boot it and then open a terminal and do

sudo update-grub

If you can’t boot anything, follow this

Please post output of “fdisk -l”. I suspect disk is GPT.